Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hello readers! thank you for coming to my blog! i am making some changes to my blog and i am turning this blog into a catalog of my handmade items. so...i will be redirecting anyone who might want to read about my shop, other creative endeavors and some personal/family stuff to my other blog:

in the nest month or so i will hopefully have this site updated in catalog form, so you can take a look at things that i have made, but may not be in my shop and then order them from me...anyway, thanks again!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

happy bday myleka

my dear sister in law's bday is today and i sent her something she told me she wanted a while ago.
they were super fun to make i think i will have to make some for us!

hope you like them myleka!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fingerless gloves

these were a custom order, but i thought why not put them up in the shop!

Monday, January 25, 2010

clip craze!!

so i have also been going clip crazy. i really like them and i just can't get enough! i wear these suckers all the time.... so i have been making them in bulk even though i have only had a few orders for them. i think i will get rid of them easily at fairs this spring/summer. i am thinking of applying for renegade in LA?!?! kind of excited about it ! remember the renegade brooklyn from june?
i also need to work on getting better pics of them being worn...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

new home

some requests have been made for pictures of our new place. here are some pictures i took yesterday. i left our our bedroom and penelope's room & the kitchen out because they are not quite photo ready. we really like our location and our home so far.

here is a list of things i like. it is a 10 parter...
1. the pool & hot tub
2. my balcony
3. all the beautiful landscaping
4. the vaulted ceilings
5. my super cool new dining table
6. my work space (not pictured...may NEVER be pictured, so don't hold your breath.)
7. 2 bathrooms
8. finally having enough space!!!
9. the park behind us
10. GREAT temperature.. i am not a big fan of cold.


entry some more

i like my typewriter... it is less functional these days! does anyone know where i can get a new ribbon for the thing?

the dining room

kitchen shelf, with cool designs from curve ID (MINT) on the top

family room view #1

family room VIEW#2

close up of shelving from view #2

the end


here are some coasters i threw together the other day for my new place. i never really understood coasters, but my last table got a little messed up with a couple of water rings. SO, now i see the point of coasters! we will now be coaster users in the sparks house.

here is the pattern, if you would like to try your hand at making some.

click here for pdf download

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

in san diego

we have arrived and are settling into our home in sunny san diego. i am excited to get some pictures of our new home up, but i think those won't be ready for another week, but i wanted to write a little update.

bryan started the new job and is enjoying it so far! we all got pretty sick, so our unpacking has been slightly slow! i have felt much better the last 2 days and i have gotten a lot done. we now only have a handful of boxes unpacked, we have to hang up some shelves and set up..or take back a couple of ikea items.

penelope has been keeping busy. she has been unpacking things that i have put away and packing them back in boxes. she likes to play on the playground behind our house and had a blast when anna, nathan and joshua came to visit. we went to the zoo, got zoo passes and RAN all around the zoo.

i reopened my shop today and added a few new items! yay!

we are all excited for the future!