Saturday, January 23, 2010

new home

some requests have been made for pictures of our new place. here are some pictures i took yesterday. i left our our bedroom and penelope's room & the kitchen out because they are not quite photo ready. we really like our location and our home so far.

here is a list of things i like. it is a 10 parter...
1. the pool & hot tub
2. my balcony
3. all the beautiful landscaping
4. the vaulted ceilings
5. my super cool new dining table
6. my work space (not pictured...may NEVER be pictured, so don't hold your breath.)
7. 2 bathrooms
8. finally having enough space!!!
9. the park behind us
10. GREAT temperature.. i am not a big fan of cold.


entry some more

i like my typewriter... it is less functional these days! does anyone know where i can get a new ribbon for the thing?

the dining room

kitchen shelf, with cool designs from curve ID (MINT) on the top

family room view #1

family room VIEW#2

close up of shelving from view #2

the end

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