Wednesday, January 13, 2010

in san diego

we have arrived and are settling into our home in sunny san diego. i am excited to get some pictures of our new home up, but i think those won't be ready for another week, but i wanted to write a little update.

bryan started the new job and is enjoying it so far! we all got pretty sick, so our unpacking has been slightly slow! i have felt much better the last 2 days and i have gotten a lot done. we now only have a handful of boxes unpacked, we have to hang up some shelves and set up..or take back a couple of ikea items.

penelope has been keeping busy. she has been unpacking things that i have put away and packing them back in boxes. she likes to play on the playground behind our house and had a blast when anna, nathan and joshua came to visit. we went to the zoo, got zoo passes and RAN all around the zoo.

i reopened my shop today and added a few new items! yay!

we are all excited for the future!

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