Monday, October 26, 2009

front page of etsy goodness

last tuesday my barley slouchy beret was on the front page of! i discovered this nifty website where you can check to see it you have graced the front page of etsy called craft cult.

and here is the front page collection

also, my sweet cousin erika found that my citron slouchy beret was on the "etsy finds" email! i had her forward me the email and here is a few of the items chosen with mine. SWEEEEETTTNESSS!


  1. Emily. I love your cream hat with the large flower on the side-are you taking orders for those? If so, how much are they---and also the darling matching scarf.

    I am attending Spark, I am excited to see your work.

  2. Hi Emily,
    you're very nice and I like your original designs.
    I saw that you've used some of my free patterns (the three strands flower headband and the sloucy beret), and I write to ask if you could say that they are my original designs.
    I'm happy that you've enjoyed them, and for me you can sell your items made with them..I'm asking just to say here and on your shop where you've found the patterns!