Friday, July 10, 2009

i heart fridays: small

cover of the latest issue

i am going to start something that i will call "i heart fridays." in this weekly post i will post something that i love. it may be a project, a book, a web page or a product.

for my first "i heart" i am going to share an online magazine with you that i just love! it is called small magazine. they specialize in all things small. they have projects you can do with your kids, illustrations, small fashion, they have gorgeous photography and very well food that is healthy and kid friendly. best of all it is all free and green, because you aren't wasting paper! all their back issues are online as well, i go there for inspiration and just look through their issues. check it out, i am sure you won't be disappointed!
here is a page from the magazine. this story is about some super sweet reads.

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