Friday, July 31, 2009

i heart fridays: buggys

while we have been here in NYC i have become aware that my stroller saves my life daily. here the stroller is like my car. there are a number of really sweet buggys strolling the streets of the big apple. here are a few that i heart!

i have a maclaren triumph and it is amazing for a number of reasons! here are a few of them:

1) it is small and it folds small. i am able to take it through the subway gates on.
2) it is lightweight, so i am able to carry my 1 year-old, the stroller and shopping bags around in the subway and up and down the many stairs i encounter.
3) it is incredibly well made. it is sturdy, easy to steer and comfy for the wee one.
4) it is very reasonably priced.

we love it.

the quinny buzz was the stroller that bryan and i really wanted for penny. But the price wasn't right...around $600, i have seen them on sale for around $300. the quinny is just really well designed--it is beautiful to behold. it can also fold really small, so it is practical for big city travel.

phil and ted, not to be confused with bill and ted, have conquered the double stroller! i have always had this thing against big bulky strollers, so, of course, i haven't really liked double strollers. the ones that i have seen in the past are HUGE, boat-like things. i don't love the idea of trying to navigate through crowds with that kind of bulk. maclaren makes a double, but it is not nearly as cool as this one! check out the stacking action. if i were to ever need a double stroller (AND i am NOT saying that will be anytime soon) i would definitely shell out the bucks for this one.

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