Sunday, May 3, 2009

beehive bazaar spring '09

well the beehive bazaar has ended! this was the first market/festival that i've participated in, and i learned a lot. i've been a little stressed this last little while coming up with things to complement my scarves and finding a good way to display my products. i was lucky and found a table i could use and fit in my car at the great di! i also picked up some suitcases and a coat rack. bryan helped my laser cut a sign and he mounted some photos on foam core for me. we set it up and i thought it looked GREAT! i went to take a picture and my camera card was not to be i had to take the photo on day 2 after i was practically cleaned out. i thought i had made enough stuff, but i was crocheting like a mad person for all of friday and saturday to restock. the beehive bazaar was an incredibly good experience and i will definitely apply to participate in the fall/winter bazaar.

below are some pictures of some of my new items (most will be in my shop click here to check it out) and my display!

looped scarf
crocheted cuff

crocheted earrings

adult headbands

fanned satchel

crocheted earrings

blooming brooch

baby headbands

my display at the bazaar


  1. i just found your blog from your etsy shop. you did awesome at the bazaar- i loved your display & that green table was fantastic. i can't believe it was your first time! i can't wait to give the frog to my little guy for his 1st birthday in a week.

  2.'re amazing! I love all of your products! Want those earrings and that purse and scarf etc. Seriously! You're wonder woman!!!
    Oh and I love those wedding're a woman of multiple talents!!