Sunday, January 18, 2009

crochet yay! 10/30/2008

crocheting is a skill that i've been working on for some time. i almost had a shell blanket finished for penelope when she was born, but since then i've been more motivated to make fun stuff. i found an instruction book at soel boutique on how to make these super cute toys. here are a couple of my favorites! i'm in the process of making some crocheted Christmas ornaments for my etsy!

i also have had the desire to make mittens. i thought i would like to knit them, but i'm having difficulties learning how to knit in the round, so i crocheted them for penelope. they are big so they might be gifts for some other small hands i might know....I AM NOT GIVING UP ON KNITTING. i am promising myself to knit something fabulous someday...not today...or tomorrow.

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